What exactly a dropshipper’s day is like? I’m sure that you’re constantly seeing on Instagram different great lifestyles of the dropshippers you follow. Traveling, expensive cars, meetings, and parties are a huge part of life, but this is only one side of the medal.

Here are useful tips that will help you to organize your day and become more efficient and productive in your new business venture as a pro dropshipper.

The day of a dropshipper- behind the scenes | GSM Growth Agency
The day of a dropshipper- behind the scenes | GSM Growth Agency

The other side of the entrepreneur life, which is much more important, but not as glamorous – is a daily routine of tasks. Unfortunately, most people choose to ignore it, but it’s essential for the success of your business.

From the screen, dropshippers life looks super easy, but actually, it’s hard work. Yes, you have more freedom in your life. But at the same time, you must work hard, and follow a strict plan during the day.

This dropshipper daily routine is the key to be successful and grow your business.

The first thing you do when you get up in the morning is checking your orders to see how well your sales work. You look at the numbers to know if yesterday was a profitable day or not. Especially when you’re scaling your business, you want to see an improvement in sales each day. There should be no losses or fluctuations. And only numbers can show that everything is fine.

Afterwards, you should examine your Facebook ad accounts. You must verify that every one of your campaigns is working properly as soon as you wake up. You may be restricted or banned from your Facebook account for any reason, or your payment may fail to go through the night before. Other issues may occur. Therefore, you must ensure that everything is working properly in your ad account every morning. You must determine how many sales have been recorded to make sure everything worked properly during the night. Because of the iOS 14 update, we have many difficulties tracking sales.

There are several ways to measure performance. You can compare UTMs in your ads, or you can check all your sales against UTM metrics to see where they are coming from. You can use UTM metrics to double-check every single sale. When you have between 10 and 100 orders per day, you can simply compare the UTM metrics with sales and figure out exactly which campaign and ad generated them.

You can track things manually by checking your Facebook ad account for offline conversion events with the Zapier app. You can track almost 90% of your ad accounts by integrating Zapier with Facebook offline conversion events. It's a phenomenal tool - integrating with Zapier and doing a big part of work just in a couple of minutes. It's really simple to do, and it has a huge effect on tracking your ad account.

When you check your ads, you need to go through different creatives which you did in the past few days. For example, you've been experimenting with different visuals on the creatives in your testing campaign. Your scaling campaign is performing well, and you may increase its budget in accordance with your plan, or leave it as it is and concentrate on your creatives.

Short advice for a dropshippers: Check orders and measure performance in the morning and contact suppliers in the afternoon.

Therefore, you must always have a separate campaign on Facebook for new creatives. If your winning audiences interact with new creatives, you'll move those creatives to your scaling campaign. You will have to spend at least half an hour a day to check what's going on on Facebook. It will take at least 30 minutes to fix and replicate ads, increase the budget, and so on.

You have to examine whether there were any issues with the orders that have already been fulfilled. If the afternoon, you have to check if the shipments have been made.

If the orders are listed as fulfilled in the tracking system, everything is fine. If you see that something is missing, you must determine why the order has not yet been fulfilled. You should take a look at this before contacting your supplier.

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In the afternoon, you'll be speaking with a supplier. You have to contact them considering their time zone. Because your suppliers are usually from China, with warehouses in the United States and Europe. You will work with them in the second part of the day. You'll have to work with them on a variety of issues, like fulfillment, payment issues, and delays with deliveries that frequently occur.

Customers often complain about the products… You will spend a lot of time working with suppliers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that customers receive goods of high quality on time and packaged well.

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All of these processes take up a lot of time. It sounds pretty mundane. However, it's a real business. Dropshipping, guys, is not a hobby. Sure, you can make good money online, but it takes a lot of work. You must invest time, funds, and effort in order to get to that stage, and you start seeing results. You'll receive return on your investments, but you must put in a lot of effort for that. Furthermore, you must improve your advertising skills, and it usually takes a lot of time in the beginning.

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