Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and drive engagement with your audience. Instead of relying on social media and other digital channels as a cheap way to spread your message, you can directly target potential customers with email marketing.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you want to know how to create an effective email campaign. Well, keep reading! Here are some exclusive tips that will help you to create effective email campaigns like a pro.

Email Marketing for Success How to create effective email campaigns | GSM Growth Agency
Email Marketing for Success How to create effective email campaigns | GSM Growth Agency

An email marketing campaign can drive traffic to your website, engage customers, and create brand awareness. But how do you create an effective email marketing campaign?

First, let’s clarify why you need email marketing. There are 3 main reasons for it:

– cut costs. Using email marketing, you don’t need to pay for ads in Google, Facebook or TikTok. Your customers are already on a shorthand with you. You don’t need to spend thousands to reach them. You just need to send them the right message at the right time.

– close sales faster. People tend to forget about their past purchases, especially when it comes to expensive items. By reminding them about their purchase and offering new products, you will be able to sell more items in the future. A great way to do this is by sending a reminder email. It’s a simple and effective way of selling more products, especially when it comes to expensive ones. You can send a reminder email in a couple of different ways: 1) Send a simple email that reminds people that they already bought something. 2) Send an email that tells people how much you value them as customers.

– create a contact base. Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with your customers and keep your brand on top of their mind. They signed up for your emails, so they’re already interested in what you’re selling.

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There are several factors that influence whether or how often people open your emails: subject line length, time of day, frequency of emails, and so on. Before you start creating your email campaigns, it’s important to set clear expectations and goals for yourself.

If you want people to sign up for a newsletter or purchase a product, be clear in the email subject line about what they’re getting into. Don’t use a simple “Please open” or “Invitation accepted” as the subject line—that doesn’t make sense to most people.

But the most critical thing to understand before starting email campaigns is – how people make a decision before they buy something.

Here is a simple marketing formula that works for emails as well:

People know you + like you + trust you = they are ready to buy from you.

Use this formula while creating your email marketing campaigns.

Here are 3 types of email campaigns critical for your business success.

1. Campaign that helps you to close sales very quickly. This is a simple campaign for clients that are ready to buy from you now. They know something about you, but they need some social proof to make a decision. Create two-week automated campaign, where in a very friendly tone of voice, you can remind who are you, how you can be useful for them, what are your results. Usually it is enough to send a sequence of 6 emails to answer these questions and make your quick sale.

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2. Campaign for people that “need time to think”. This type of campaign for those, who need to get some value, before they make a purchase. Usually such campaign could be slightly spread over time till 12-24 month. Use engaging elements in your emails, like links to your blog or YouTube channel, free e-books or landing page. By sending this campaign, you build awareness and trust to you and your business.

3. Monthly newsletters. This is type of campaign that need to be sent at least once a month to give your contact list information about your company and products, achievements and news. Don’t be shy to offer your services in this kind of email.

In the end, here are some industry benchmarks, that would help you to understand your progress in email marketing. You are doing everything well, if on average:

– deliverability – 98%

– open rate – 26%

– clicks – at least 10% (if there are links in your email)

– replies – at least 30% (if it is required to reply)

I hope this helps you to create an effective email marketing system to promote your business better. Some other valuable insights in Anatoliy Labinskiy's video >>.

Email Marketing for Success How to create effective email campaigns | GSM Growth Agency