Sales are the lifeblood of any eCommerce business. Without consistent sales, your company won’t have the funds to expand operations, grow your customer base, or invest in new products and services that will help you stay competitive. Thankfully, there are several ways to boost your Shopify sales with minimal effort and cost. With just one night of preparation, you can optimize your processes and see an immediate increase in sales.

Read the article and implement 3 easy tips to boost your Shopify sales from the CEO of GSM Growth Agency – Anatoliy Labinskiy. Let’s get started!

3 easy tips to boost your Shopify sales in one night | GSM Growth Agency
3 easy tips to boost your Shopify sales in one night | GSM Growth Agency

Pay attention, please. To begin with, you must already have a product that provides consistent results. That means, you already have to have winning ads and creatives that deliver results. If you do – use these few methods.

1. Pay attention to your ad account to boost your Shopify sales.

There are a couple of methods for raising your results.

#1. The simplest method is to duplicate your ad sets into the new campaigns. You’ll duplicate your successful ad set three to five times in the new CBO campaigns with at least $100 spending. Keep that there for a while, and the algorithm will optimize it.

#2. The second method is harder. Find the profitable ad set and increase its budget every two or three days by 20%. However, you should do so if you have a strong return on ad spend. A daily budget increase of 20% should also work for you. But, from my perspective, option one, duplicating, is the better option.

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#3. The third step that you can make. You must create a separate campaign with a batch of customers who fit your campaign’s persona or look-a-likes in order to succeed on Facebook ads. In one campaign, you may have only two, three, or four creatives, all of whom won in the previous battle. There will be a wide range of people in one ad serving this campaign.

After you have set up that ad, you may continue killing the advertisements that are not successful for a few days. If the campaign performs well, you may raise the budget every few days. If it does not perform well, you may decrease it by 20% but do it carefully, don’t jump left and right with the budgeting. Just look if that delivers profitable results for you. And if you see the right numbers, then just decrease or increase the budgets every couple of days.

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2. Start to use your email base to boost your Shopify sales.

There are a few tricks and strategies you can use if you already have a big email list. For example, you might offer a lifetime warranty or a discount on multiple items to make direct sales or revoke your base.

With this strategy, you will receive a lot of traffic on your website, so you can use Google and Facebook Ads for retargeting. You might also get some new sales from your email base. Or you create a look-a-like audience on Facebook from your base and show them targeted ads.

3. Implement SMS and email marketing to boost your Shopify sales.

This is where the money printing machine is located, according to my previous statement. Your profitability is dependent on the machines at this location. Facebook can deliver extra profits in the form of small profit or break even Google Shopping or Google Retargeting campaigns. However, the real magic happens behind the scenes via SMS and email marketing. The key is SMS. For example, we sent an SMS marketing campaign to one store last month and earned $1,600 in revenue on the final three days, spending only $6. This is how effective it is — it's a very powerful system. When you use SMS and email marketing, you'll see a boost in revenue and sales just in a few days.

Make sure to create scalable campaigns when you have consistent sales, then go to SMS and email marketing to start making even more revenue and particularly higher profits.

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3 easy tips to boost your Shopify sales in one night | GSM Growth Agency